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Ultimatemum Pillows

Our Commitment

Ultimate Mum is a Canadian owned and operated business offering a range of luxury and high quality pregnancy pillows and body pillows. We’re all about Comfort and Support. We locally Research, Design and Manufacture an expanding range of luxury pregnancy pillows for pregnant mums, breast feeding pillows for nursing mums, for adults, toddlers and teens. 

Our Commitment 

We are all about providing better sleep, recovery from strains and pains, lower pelvic area recovery, comfort, support and a better overall experience during your pregnancy and post-natal period. Once you use an Ultimate Mum Pillow, you will never stop using it! At Ultimate Mum Pillows, we are committed to ongoing research, development and designs and manufacture of a constantly improving product in our Pregnancy Support, Nursing/Feeding and Post-Natal pillows. We develop The Ultimate Mum range of luxury pillows for pregnant mums who urgently need them, but also as body pillows for people with injuries and sleep issues. We research and manufacture a truly Ultimate range of pregnancy / post-natal and body pillows for the whole family and every situation that requires better sleep and recovery.   

10 Things That We Believe In

    1. Form and function are important. 
We believe that every pillow we design must look great, feel great and perform beyond the expectations of its intended purpose.

    2. Only the very best materials will do. 
We believe in using superior quality materials for all of our pregnancy pillows. No compromise. Ever.

    3. If we don't love it, we don't make it. 
We research and test our products on ourselves. We consult our customers and industry professionals before we manufacture a new pillow design.

    4. Supporting Canadian business . 
Our pregnancy pillows are researched, designed & manufactured right here in Canada. We believe in supporting our local industry and our local economy.

    5. We learn from our customers. 
We spend a lot of time talking to the people who use our products and we design and manufacture our pregnancy pillows to make their lives better.

    6. Comfort is very important. 
Our mission is to inspire you to 'invest in rest' and place a bigger priority on relaxation, comfort and down time.

    7. Sleep is very important. 
Sleep is essential for physical and mental regeneration. Poor rest and poor sleeping can affect both body and mind.

    8. Family comes first.
 Our core focus is to provide ultimate comfort and support to pregnant mums & new mums - but our products are designed to benefit the whole family! Yes, hubby too!

    9. Mums deserve to have the very best.
We believe that mums deserve to be pampered as much as possible. We don't believe in making cheap products that don't work well. Mums deserve the ultimate in comfort, they've earned it.

    10. Small changes lead to big ones.
We are always looking for small but continuous improvements that we can make to our product designs, manufacturing processes, ordering, delivery, packaging.