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Tips & Tricks When Traveling With Baby

Posted by Brigitte Nykamp on

So lets face it, your baby has a heck of a lot more energy than you do and so containing that energy in a place like a little hotel room can be a little tricky.


One of our mums told us that they take an inflatable pool whenever they travel. Its takes 5mins to pump up. Line it with a large sheet and you have an instant playpen (minus the water of course) for the little ball of energy.


Not only do you have to shift your entire life and you're what feels like all baby’s gear with you, now you have to change cars. What is normally is bombshell mess with all your baby’s toys is now a fresh clean rental car. So what do you do when you are losing your mind over misplacing all those little things like pacifiers and toys? Easy, simply use a shoe caddy or organiser. Its great for little things like a pacifier.
Speaking of pacifier, things little things love dirty spots. Why not have a little zip lock bag or plastic container to store them in?


A little handy tip for when you traveling and are in the midst of potty training. Simply take your potty and line it with a diaper. No mess, no fuss. Pure potty magic!


Is really important to keep baby as occupied as possible with some pre-flight entertainment. 100ml of paint can turn into a mini art studio. Simply squeeze two different colour paints into a zip lock bag, tape it to a window or glass and watch your little one turn the goo into a masterpiece!
Traveling is defiantly stressful for babies, so give them plenty time to play.

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