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Surviving International Travel With a Baby

Posted by Brigitte Nykamp on


Traveling with a newborn can be a daunting experience, especially if it is international travel and it's your first time.

We’ve taken top suggestions from our Mum’s and made a collaboration of top tips for international travel.


This can be different for all babies, but you will know exactly when this will be for your baby. This is the time your little one is at its most vulnerable. Typically this will be between 3pm and 7pm. Our mum’s suggest you book your flight out side of these hours and to try and get the most direct flight possible or with the shortest layover


Not only is a travel companion there to keep you company, they can make all the difference on long haul flights especially when you need to go to the toilet or have that much-needed nap. When you travel with your little one, you will have a lot of gear to carry even with a minimalistic mindset. Your travel buddy can share that load.


Most airlines will assign you and your family to the bulkhead of the aircraft, however always make sure you double check when you check in. Some mums have suggested that you ask for any spare seats. That way you can take your car seat onto the plane with you, as baby is used to sleeping in the car seat. If you get a spare seat bring your baby carrier or sling. Although most alertness require baby to be buckled in before and during takeoff, a sling does wonders in the interim.
A handy tip is to take your pram or stroller with you all the way to the boarding gate. The ground staff will tag it for you and have it ready to be picked up when you get off the plane.


Sometimes this can be the most stressful part of the whole journey. To save you pulling your hair out, think minimalistic with little to no jewellery that may need to be removed and easy slip-on shoes. Some countries require you remove your shoes. Some countries require you to remove your shoes though security. You and your baby are allowed to go through security together.
Baby formula is expert from the 100ml limit. we will cover this more in detail in our next blog.


No haul flights are no fashion parade, you can still look great while wearing comfortable clothes. It will make your life so much easier if you are comfortable, you are there to make sure your little one is as comfortable as possible. Our mums have said that when travel long distance you need to be prepared to nurse more often than usual. Nursing keeps your little ones ears open while soothing them at the same time.


In addition to packing for the trip, packing a plane bag just for your baby will save you a lot of stress. An extra pair of clothes, plenty of nappies/diapers, wipes and a blanket are the bare essentials that will make all the difference. One or two small toys that gives the comfort of home and is a great diversion.

Long haul flights with a baby can certainly be a scary thought, but if you are well prepared this experience can be fun and enjoyable. Try and travel with your baby after 6months. At this point they are more used to a sleeping pattern and more resilient to noise.

Finally, be kind to yourself. travel is not really that easy for adults, let alone for little ones.

These are just some of the very helpful tips from our mums. We’d love to hear your useful tips.