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Side Sleeping - What's it All About?

Posted by Kathleen Jabs on

Over the nine months your baby is growing, your body undergoes changes that make your life different from everything you knew before. Eating, exercising, even sleeping change as you wait to welcome your baby to the world.

Getting comfy in bed is always a bit tricky, but pregnancy limits your options even more. While you might be used to sleeping on your back, your growing stomach puts pressure on your spine and organs that can cause uncomfortable damage. Likewise, breast tenderness and pressure on your stomach makes sleeping face down impossible even in the early stages of pregnancy.

Should You Sleep on Your Side?

Of course!

In fact, if you want to master optimal sleeping habits then sleep on your left side as it actually provides the best blood flow when you're pregnant. As you're increasing blood flow, your baby will also be getting more nutrients from you this way.

However, sleeping on your side with a heavy belly isn't always enjoyable and some pregnant women don't like sleeping on their sides. If you're wanting to make it as comfortable as possible, then a body pillow might be in order.

Enter the Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Many women learn the greatness of full body pillows only after being pregnant. It's a tremendous shame, seeing as using a body pillow can make sleeping much more comfortable. The extra warmth, and support for your mid-section, will make it seem perfect. You can even apply more or less pressure as you feel, making it possible to mimic what it was like to sleep on your stomach.

For toss-and-turn sleepers as well, a body pillow is definitely the ideal approach. It keeps your little one from moving around as it fixes you into a fetal-like position. This means you can follow the doctor's advice of sleeping on your left side - without worrying about squishing your baby!


Side sleeping is popular and recommended for pregnant women, because of important health reasons. It will help you tremendously if you use a body pillow while you sleep on your side. Interested? Then take a peek at our top rated Ultimate Mum body pillow - and give it a try, you won't be disappointed!