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Pregnancy Symptoms - Learn How to Relieve Morning Sickness

Posted by Kathleen Jabs on

Along with trying to achieve ultimate comfort when you’re sleeping or at rest, consider using a  pregnancy support pillow even now, and until you come full term.

Some women know they are pregnant before even taking a pregnancy test or a blood test because their body lets them know! Very shortly after conception your body starts going through changes that are initially invisible but absolutely amazing. Many hormonal changes take place to ensure that your body is the perfect environment for your growing baby. It really helps to be informed about the most common pregnancy symptoms so that you won’t be caught by surprise at any point or start worrying unnecessarily. Some of the symptoms are rather uncomfortable and unpleasant but most of the time having pregnancy symptoms is a good sign that your baby is growing and developing the way he/she should be. Here is some detailed information on one of those symptoms you may experience.

Morning Sickness

There are many theories about what causes morning sickness in pregnancy. It can strike anywhere from week 3 and usually subsides around week 12, although this is not always the case. The term “morning sickness” can be quite misleading as some women experience nausea that lasts all day or strikes at night. Some of the possible causes of morning sickness include raised hCG levels in the bloodstream, high estrogen and progesterone levels, as well as extra sensitive sense of smell and digestion that is less effective during pregnancy. Women who suffer from morning sickness often feel miserable and desperately just want it to pass as soon as possible! Unfortunately morning sickness is something that you will just need to get through. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel. There are many ways to manage morning sickness - there is no need to for it to control your life and prevent you from carrying on as usual.

Here are some things that may help relieve your morning sickness:

Make sure that your tummy is never empty! Try to eat small healthy meals frequently,preferably foods high in protein. Pregnant women naturally crave carbohydrates but protein has been shown to do a better job at helping to ease symptoms 

  • Keep healthy little snacks with you at all times like crackers or dry biscuits. It might be a good idea to keep some simple snacks next to your bed so that you can eat something in the morning before you get up. Remember to stand up slowly when getting out of bed. Jumping out of bed and being too rushed could intensify morning sickness. Now is the time to take things slow.
  • Since pregnant women have a heightened sense of smell it will be helpful to stay away from any strong or pungent smells. The smell of coffee might even trigger nausea. Try and find out what triggers your morning sickness and then do what you can to stay away from those things for a while.
  • Make sure that you get lots of rest. Being exhausted and overworked will only intensify any nausea you might be feeling. 
  • Look for ways to minimize stress in your life. According to Murkoff (1984:113) “Morning sickness is more common among women who are under a great deal of stress, at work, at home, or both.” 
  • Stay away from tobacco. Smoking or even breathing in second hand smoke has proven to make morning sickness worse. 
  • Speak to your doctor about over the counter medications that are available to help pregnant women deal with morning sickness. If you feel that your morning sickness is getting out of hand and starting to cause dehydration and other problems please speak to your medical practitioner to ensure that the problem gets seen to.

Regardless of your pregnancy symptoms you can always find special comfort in using one of our pregnancy support pillows, before and after your pregnancy. Read our many happy reviews and how moms have benefited from a comfortable sleep.