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How To Bring Baby Food On A Plane

Posted by Brigitte Nykamp on


In recent years, security have left a lot of traveler’s very confused when it comes to aerosols and liquids, especially for international travel. This has sometimes caused a lot of stress for family’s unfamiliar with travel. Fortunately when you travel with a baby or a toddler, some of those rules don’t apply.

Here are a few things to expect when you pass through airport security with you baby:

- When you travel, most countries will allow you bring as much breast milk, formula, baby food and juice as you want when traveling with a baby or toddler (within reason of course)
- Normally you are only allowed to travel with a limit of 100ml (3oz) per container of liquid stored in a clear zip lock bag.

- First thing you need to do is to declare all your baby food that you will be carrying on and then off the plane.
- When arriving at security screening, remove all food out onto the provided trays ready for inspection.
- mention to the security agent that you are carrying liquids and food for your baby. They will put the formula, breast milk or food through the scanner just like any other normal item.
- once you and your family have gone through the scanner, a security agent will most likely want to inspect all items you are taking with you. You will notice that they will rub a small piece of cotton against the food containers. Don’t worry, there are no chemicals or any harmful agents on the cotton tab. This process will not contaminate your food.
- The security agent will only test the outside of the containers, so all your bottles of formula should stay closed.

Please remember that this process will vary in all countries. We’d love to hear of any handy tips you might have.