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CrossFit & Pregnancy

Posted by Brigitte Nykamp on

The CrossFit fitness regime has always been slammed with negative media since is conception. With hundreds of alleged cases of individuals being hurried to the ER with over exhaustion to broken bones from poor form while lifting hugely substantial weights. 

Doing CrossFit while pregnant would appear to be a recipe for disaster right?

What is CrossFit?

The CrossFit program is performing ‘functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity.’ CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program. The CrossFit program is designed to elicit as broad an adaptational response as possible. CrossFit is not a specialised fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimise physical competence.

With regular confusion to the uneducated world, its no big surprise pregnancy and CrossFit have been butting heads in the media. In any case, CrossFit programs are intended to be scaled and is suitable for all ages and physical conditions including pregnancy. Pregnant woman tend to be more tuned in to how their bodies are reacting to certain physical developments. The thought behind doing CrossFit while pregnant is to listen to your body. It is a total misconception and that moms to be should stop exercising during pregnancy. Mom's who have been doing CrossFit for some time, have no reason to stop their workouts. These are always scaled of course!

Woman who train during pregnancy have reduced weight increase and fat accumulation and additionally expanding physical and emotional recovery from labour. Mom's who train during pregnancy have a tendency to have simpler, shorter and less entangled works with less requirement for torment easing.

Babies of moms who train have reduced weight gain and fat deposition as well as increasing physical and emotional recovery from delivery. mom’s who exercise during pregnancy tend to have easier, shorter and less complicated labor with less need for pain relief.

If you are pregnant and have never done CrossFit previously, firstly seek counsel your medicinal services and let them know your intentions to train. Secondly we’d recommend you go to a CrossFit Box (gym) that has a ‘CrossFit moms’ program. These boxes will not only know exactly what scaled movement is best for you, they will keep a very close trained eye on you as you stay strong and fit while still looking after your little one.
One of the most serious issues with ‘Globo-gyms’ is the lack of training and knowledge passed on to the client. Teaching correct form and technique from day one and educating all members on how to perform every movement they encounter in the CrossFit environment can mean the difference between an injury and a forever healthy and limber athlete.

There are numerous CrossFit Boxes across the USA and Canada that cater for moms and moms to be.

- CrossFit Southbay - California:
- Crossfit RXD - North Orange County:
- Hammer Crossfit Moms - Arizona:
- CrossFit Caveman - Texas:
- Level 4 CrossFit - Seattle:

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