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 A Guide To Safe Traveling during Pregnancy

Posted by Kathleen Jabs on

Nine months is a long time, and chances are you'll have to spend some parts of your pregnancy on the road. Whether you're commuting to and from work, having coffee with friends, or travelling to visit family, it's important to know the do's and don'ts of keeping your baby safe during travel. When to Travel

Unless your doctor has advised against it, travelling during pregnancy is completely safe and normal. However, it does help to consider when in your pregnancy you decide to travel!

The first trimester can be difficult, as morning sickness and vomiting make long trips unpleasant. The ideal time to travel is during the second trimester, when these problems have mostly passed.

It's also important to be careful when travelling in the third trimester, as labour can sometimes be unexpected. If possible, it's best to stay away from travelling during the last three weeks of pregnancy, just in case you happen to enter labour early. Instead, stay comfortable and close to home, and keep a friend or your partner nearby as much as possible.

How You Travel

You may have heard that flying is dangerous if you're pregnant, but air travel is actually quite safe during the second trimester. As most airlines won't allow you to fly if you're too far along in the pregnancy, the second trimester is the best time to travel.

Travelling by car is safe throughout pregnancy, but long journeys are still discouraged during the first and third trimesters. Make sure to always wear your seatbelt to protect you and your baby, and try to avoid the seatbelt resting over your tummy. Try to keep to smooth, flat roads, and stop every two hours to stretch your legs and move around.

You should always consult with your doctor before travelling for long periods of time, or if you're carrying more than one child and planning to travel.

Travelling Comfortably

Last but not least, make sure you stay comfortable and safe whenever you travel. Remember to bring healthy snacks, avoid high altitudes, and make sure all of your vaccines are up to date.

Stay warm and cozy, and be careful to avoid bumpy and rough trips. If you're flying or driving, try bringing along a pregnancy body pillow to keep you comfortable. Ultimate Mum pillows provide support during and after pregnancy, and keep you snug and protected on every kind of trip.