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10 Must Have Items You Need In Your Hospital Bag For Delivery

Posted by Kathleen Jabs on

When packing your hospital bag for delivery, there are a few basic items that everyone suggests to pack like new baby clothes, camera, and diapers. However, some mothers-to-be have noted there are some items they wished they had when their big day arrived.

Here is a list of items you may chose to include:

1. Maternity Body Pillow. Not only will you use a maternity body pillow after the birth, during the birth it can be used as a regular head pillow. The pillows at the hospital are flimsy and flat.

2. Ibuprofen. Whether you are having a vaginal or Caesarean birth, you will be in pain.

3. Vaseline. Nurses use tape to secure tubes. Injection sites get sticky and cracked when the tape is removed. Smoothing Vaseline on the area will relieve the area.

4. Body Cream. After using the industrial hospital showers, your skin gets dry. Do not put cream on the affected birthing area.

5. Frozen Maxi-Pads. If you have a vaginal birth, placing frozen pads in your underwear helps with swelling and pain. Simply drench several pads in water and freeze overnight.

6. Journal. Your new baby will be taken out of your room for tests. Keep a note of who took your baby, time, date, and to which area they went. Waking up groggy and finding your baby missing is alarming.

7. Socks and Blanket. You will go into shock after the birth. You will have cold sweats and hospital blankets are thin and old.

8. Water Bottle. Having your own means you can have more water than the paper cups they provide, and it is more sanitary.

9. List of your Medications and history. You must fill out many forms while there. At the beginning, you will be stressed.

10. Loose-fitting clothes. Drawstring pants and low-sagging crotches save unwanted creeping and pain.

Including these items will comfort you during a very stressful event so you can concentrate on your new bundle of joy.